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  • When do I receive payments?
    Payments are processed daily through Clover Orders.
  • Who pays the ticket fee?
    Our ticket fee of $1.49 per ticket is charged to your customers at checkout.
  • If I've sold tickets, but my event is cancelled or rescheduled, what should I do?
    Contact your guests who have purchased tickets and let them know about the changes made. Your "Customer Email Report" will provide you with their contact information. You will be responsible for refunding their tickets if your event is cancelled. This is done through Clover Orders.
  • When a ticket is returned, is the ticket service fee refunded?
    You have the option to refund the ticket fee when you issue a return. This is done through Clover Orders.
  • How are online sale handled? What website are tickets purchased on?
    Online sales are hosted on ourwebsite through your custom portal. A link to this website will be given to you after setting up your event. You may share this link on your company website and social media pages, etc. Your online sales will show up in real time on your Clover POS device. All sales will be deposited dailiy through your Clover account.
  • How do I delete or cancel an event?
    Events may be activated and deactivated on the review page that follows your event set up. Selecting your event from the dashboard will bring you to the review page. When an event is deactivated it will no longer be visible to your guests.
  • Can the number of tickets available for an event be edited after the event has gone live?
    Currently our app does not allow you to make these changes after your event has gone live. However, you may contact Cocoa Tickets and a team member may be able to make the necessary changes for you on the server after your event is live.
  • How do I set up online purchasing on my Clover device?
    Download the Cocoa Tickets app on your Clover POS device. When you open the app, select your event from the drop box at the top left corner of the screen. Select "Sell Tickets" to open onsite purchasing. Select any tickets or add-ons your guest would like to purchase. By pressing "Pay Now" you will be directed to Clover Orders to check out.
  • Can I limit how many tickets can be sold to my event?
    Yes, you may limit how many tickets are sold to your event, including limited tickets per ticket type. We will soon be offering "Timed Ticketing" allowing you set time slots and set the limit of tickets sold per time slot.
  • What to do if your guests didn't recieve their tickets?
    Tickets are sent from, guests may not recognized this email address. Have your guests check their spam email, sometimes tickets show up there. If tickets can't be found in your email, or the wrong email address was entered at checkout, tickets can be re-sent. This is done through the reporting section of the Cocoa Tickets web app. Select the "Customer Order Report," search your customers name, and enter the email address they would like to recieve their tickets at. After these steps, if your guests still haven't recieved their tickets, please contact us to further assist you.
  • How many events can I post? Can I list multiple events at the same time?
    You may post as many events as you would like. Any event that is active will appear on your online sales website.
  • Can I use Cocoa Tickets without a Clover POS device?
    To experience our full range of features, including onsite purchasing, a Clover POS device is required. Without a Clover device, tickets can be sold online using Stripe payments, and redeemed through an Android device. Please contact us if you have interest in using Cocoa Tickets without a Clover device.
  • Can I share free tickets with Sponsors?
    Yes! Cocoa Tickets allows you to share tickets with your sponsors without you or your sponsors being charged any convenience fees. These tickets can be sent via email with the option to add a thank you note to your sponsors.
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