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cocoa features

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create events

With Cocoa Tickets, you're in total control of your events, making them uniquely yours. Customize dates and times, tickets and pricing, and even coupon codes that'll put smiles on your guest’s faces. Set up event details, add images and your company logo. Cocoa Tickets is here to make event planning a breeze, so you can focus on creating unforgettable experiences.

coupon codes

Create coupon codes to help enhance your events and attract even more attendees. With our coupon codes feature, you can create exciting promotional campaigns and boost ticket sales. Reward your loyal fans and entice new ones with irresistible discounts on your next event. It's a simple yet powerful way to engage your audience and increase event sales. Just customize your coupon codes, share them with your customers, and watch the excitement unfold. 

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unlimited passes

This  multi-use pass grants your guests unlimited access to attend your event as frequently as they want. With each redemption of an Unlimited Pass, a personalized photo of the guest will appear, guaranteeing exclusive usage of the ticket. Your guest's Unlimited Pass, complete with a QR code, will be conveniently delivered to their email. 

redeem tickets

With our ticketing app's seamless ticket redemption system, managing event access has never been easier. It's as simple as a tap on your Clover device or Android phone and you're in, the process is quick and efficient.Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and delightful entry for all attendees. Spend less time on the logistics and more time creating unforgettable experiences for your guests

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Any element within your event that requires separate scheduling or tickets is categorized as an "add-on." Elevate your event's sales by offering a diverse range of add-ons, encompassing everything from games, merchandise or consessions to reservations or parking. Add-ons can be presold online with ticket sales. 

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online purchasing

Customers can conveniently purchase event tickets online in advance, eliminating long wait times and ensuring a hassle-free entry. Online purchasing has the option to include waivers that attendees can sign ahead of time, streamlining the check-in process.

box office sales

Sale tickets at your event using your Clover POS device. Returns or adjustments to sales may be completed through Clover Orders. Our Clover app makes it to sell and redeem tickets, while managing other aspects of your business.


vendors & sponsors

Thank your sponsors by sharing free tickets to your event. Create passes to allow your vendors to enter your event as much as they need. Vendor and sponsor tickets are shared via email and allow you to write a note to thank them or include any additional info they may need. These tickets have no service fee's and are completely free.



reserved seating

We work with you to create a digital seating map for your venue, allowing your guests to select their preferred seats. Our digital seating chart allows you to set unique pricing and details for different areas of your venue. Thank you for your patience as we develop this new feature. It will be worth the wait. 




Our upcoming registration feature allows you to collect information of each guest participating in your event. This feature allows you to customize what information you gather depending on the type of event you are hosting. 

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